Interview Process

Our selection processes may differ from position-to-position, and is designed to effectively match an individual’s knowledge, skills, interests, and experiences to those needed for a particular position. We also recognize that your time is very valuable, so we strive to create high impact, yet efficient processes that benefit you and our hiring managers. Our selection processes provide you with additional information about career opportunities, Associate benefits, and our organizational culture that will help you decide if Terumo is the right place for you.

As a Terumo job candidate, you will participate in a multi-step employment process. This process is designed to help Terumo’s businesses identify the most qualified candidates and to match you with a position that best suits your skills and career goals.


Online Career Center
Our online career center shows available jobs at Terumo and its businesses. Jobs remain posted on the job boards until they are filled. Candidates can apply for posted jobs through the Job Listings by creating a profile and uploading their resume. After completing a profile and applying for a position, candidates will be able to track their status for that job. Candidates can also set up search agents to be notified when a job matching their interests is posted.

Candidates who have the experience level and skills that most closely match the requirements for a job will be contacted by a Terumo Human Resource Associate to further discuss their qualifications.

Manager Review
Terumo’s Human Resource Team works closely with the Hiring Manager to select the most qualified candidates to review. After a discussion of the candidates’ qualifications, the Hiring Manager and Human Resource Team will make a decision on the candidates to be interviewed for the position.

Candidates selected to be interviewed will be contacted by the Human Resource Associate who will handle all of the coordination and interview details, including scheduling, providing forms and travel arrangements.

We’re sure you’ve had many experiences during an interview in which you’ve wondered "Why are they asking me this question?” or "How does this question relate to the position?" or "Here we go again with what my three strengths are." At Terumo we don’t feel that these types of questions provide us with information that will help us make an accurate hiring decision.

Instead, we use an approach that has been proven to be the most accurate, behavioral-based interviewing process available. Although this interviewing approach is being used more frequently, it may feel very different from traditional interviewing that you’ve experienced.

Our interviews give you the opportunity to share detailed information about how you have performed in previous work-related situations. We’ll ask you to share with us examples or specific situations that you’ve encountered and dealt with in the past. In addition, we’ll ask you about your interests and give you an opportunity to inquire about our organization and career opportunities. The type, number of interviews and interviewers, length, and complexity of questions will vary depending on the specific position for which you are being considered.

Here are 18 ways to improve your success in interviews:

  1. Show interest by preparing for the interview — research the company ⁄ industry, prepare a list of questions, and know your skills, talents, and accomplishments.
  2. Come well rested. You will typically meet 3 to 4 different people over the course of the interview. You want to be mentally prepared.
  3. Dress to reflect the image of a business professional.
  4. Be early for interviews (10 to 15 minutes) and never be late.
  5. Bring multiple copies of your resume, list of references, and (if appropriate) any work samples, and complete the company application neatly and in its entirety.
  6. Express sincere interest in both the company and position.
  7. Maintain good eye contact.
  8. Extend a firm, friendly handshake.
  9. Relax, be yourself and show your positive attitude.
  10. Give direct responses to questions.
  11. Express yourself clearly (voice, diction, grammar).
  12. Exhibit confidence and poise (at ease, calm, relaxed).
  13. Exhibit tact and courteous, well-mannered behavior.
  14. Express a career purpose and interest in long-term opportunities (goals).
  15. Indicate participation in company activities (team player).
  16. Show interest in finding a good career opportunity.
  17. Express appreciation for interviewer’s time.
  18. Follow up appropriately after each interview (phone call, thank you letter, etc.).

Final Candidate Evaluation
The Interview Team conducts a post interview meeting with the hiring manager and appropriate interviewers at the business to discuss the candidate evaluations. If appropriate, final candidates are discussed and offer letters may be prepared.

Once you have completed the interview process, if you are considered for an offer of employment, you must complete a Pre-Employment Screening. This screening helps us hire quality associates, provide a safe environment for our customers and associates, protect the corporation from risk, and comply with federal regulations. A Pre-Employment Screening includes:

  • Reference Checking
  • Employment and Education Verification
  • Social Security number verification
  • Criminal background check
  • Drug test

Offers of employment are contingent upon the successful completion of a drug screen and background check.

When a candidate accepts a position, those candidates that have been interviewed will be notified that the position has been filled.