Guidelines for Recruiting Agencies

As an approved recruiting partner, you have been asked by Teurmo’s Human Resources Department to solicit candidates for specific job requisitions. Please read through the following information to better understand candidate ownership.

I. All approved partners must submit candidates via the on-line recruitment page. Terumo will not consider Unsolicited Referrals sent to Terumo by an Agency. Therefore, no Agency will receive a placement fee for an unsolicited referral, even if the unsolicited referral is submitted while a valid Agreement is in effect. An "Unsolicited Referral" will be defined as a Referral which has not been authorized by the Human Resources Department.

II. Although an Agency may, under certain circumstances, have contact with other Terumo staff members and hiring managers, only the Terumo Human Resources Department has the authority to authorize you to solicit candidates for specific requisitions. If you are authorized to solicit candidates for a specific requisition by a member of the Human Resources Department, you will be given access to specific jobs to submit your candidate. Terumo will honor such Referrals for the authorized requisition numbers for a period of six months after submission.

III. The recruitment agency agrees to not use Terumo’s name or logo without prior written permission in any recruitment activities, including advertising ads; and not advertise on commonly used media’s such as Indeed, LinkedIn and the like.

IV. Terumo is an equal opportunity employer and the recruiter acknowledges that Terumo accepts Candidates for employment consideration regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, ancestry, national origin, physical handicap, age, marital status, or other protected class status pursuant to applicable law. The recruitment partner agrees to make all recommendations to Terumo based on job-related criteria without regard to any protected status criteria.

If you have any questions about whether you have been authorized to work on a specific requisition, please immediately direct those questions to the Terumo Human Resources Team Member who assigned the search to you.