Frequently Asked Questions

Job Openings at Terumo

Are all of the Terumo open positions posted on your job board?
At this time, the Terumo Cardiovascular Career Center is handling most positions for Terumo Cardiovascular and Terumo Heart businesses.

How do I learn about current job openings?
To find current job openings at Terumo Cardiovascular, click on "Search Jobs" on this website. You can search by Location/Keywords.

How long are jobs posted on the job board?
There is no minimum amount of time that a job will be posted — postings will remain active until they are filled, placed on hold or cancelled.


Applying for a Position with Terumo

What is the best way to apply for a position?
Click on "Search Job" use the search criteria to identify the career opportunity in which you are interested, click the job posting and choose "Apply now"

How do I submit my resume?
Terumo Cardiovascular encourages you to submit your resume to our website career center, our preferred recruitment source.

What steps are involved in creating a profile? Is it time consuming?
We have tried to make creating a profile as simple and quick as possible. The information that is required to complete the profile is shown in red and is very limited so that you can create your profile in multiple steps if necessary, eliminating the need for a "draft" stage. If your resume is readily available, it takes only a few minutes to create a basic profile, upload your resume, and answer the few questions required.

What happens when I submit my resume?
Your resume will be stored in a database and matched to the position/positions you are interested in.

How do I know my resume has been received?
You will receive an e-mail acknowledgment.

Should I send in more than one resume?
No. Resumes are placed into a database and cross-referenced against each opening. Submitting your resume more than once can actually create searching issues.

Can I add more than just my resume to my profile, such as a cover letter and/or a list of references?
You can add attachments to your profile. 

Can I drop off my resume or mail a copy to a Terumo location? Would this be faster?
You must apply online. If you do not have a computer, or access to the Internet from home, you may do so at your local library. We have found that the online process is faster and more efficient, allowing your candidacy to be considered much faster than if you had presented a paper resume in person.


Benefits & Rewards

Where can I learn more about Terumo’s Benefits?
The "Why Terumo" section of this website provides additional information on benefits offered at Terumo. Our HR Representatives will also be able to answer any questions you may have when they conduct a telephone interview with you.

For both full-time and part-time associates, Terumo offers a highly competitive benefits package designed to meet your personal needs as well as the needs of your family:

  • Medical and dental plans that offer affordable health care while giving you a choice of doctors, hospitals, dentists and other service providers.
  • Tax deferred Flexible Spending Accounts for certain health and dependent day care expenses.
  • Paid time off
  • Terumo Incentive Plan
  • Disability and life insurance programs for eligible associates which provide financial protection for the unexpected
  • A 401k retirement plan to help you build a secure financial future

What kind of compensation can I expect?
Terumo is committed to providing a competitive total compensation package, including wages and benefits.


Interviewing and Hiring Process

What do I do after I submit my profile?
Be patient. After receiving your resume, we will review your qualifications to see if they match any open positions. If they do, an HR Representative will contact you to discuss next steps. If we do not have a current opening matching your qualifications, we will retain your resume according to state guidelines. We encourage you to re-apply if you are interested in other opportunities as well.

What are the steps in the hiring process?
If we determine that you meet the qualifications of a current opening, a member of our Human Resources Team will contact you to schedule a time to discuss your background, experience, interest and the current opening. After the initial conversation, if you are selected to proceed in the process, we will schedule you for interviews with other individuals related to this position. Our goal is to make the interview process as convenient and as informative for you as possible. (Reference checks, drug screens, and background checks will be conducted upon offer of employment; where applicable state laws apply, this process may vary slightly.)

How often should I return to update my profile?
You should update your profile as often as necessary to keep it current. Our recommendation is to update your profile anytime a major piece of data changes such as a new name, address, phone or e-mail change, change in jobs, completion of degree, certifications or training, or new major accomplishments.

Should I follow up?
Due to the high volume of resumes received daily, Terumo staff can confirm that your resume is on file, but cannot provide information on where your resume is within the hiring process. Please keep in mind that our sites handle many open positions with hundreds of applicants. While it is virtually impossible to receive calls from and call back every applicant, we do attempt to provide you the feedback through your profile and e-mail.

Will I be contacted by Terumo?
If you have the qualifications and are deemed a good fit for a specific opportunity, you will be contacted to arrange a brief phone conversation to further qualify skills and experience. If there continues to be a good match in skill-set and experience, you may be invited to participate in a formal interview.

What should I keep in mind when preparing for an interview?
Be prepared to give the interviewers strong examples of your work experiences. You should be as specific as possible and tell us what happened, what you did and what the outcome was. It is important for you to get to know Terumo by reviewing materials available on this website. Be yourself during the interview. At the end of each interview, ask for a business card so you can write a thank-you note. Use the thank-you note to confirm your interest in the organization and in the position, reiterating points that were discussed during the interview.



Search Firms

What is Terumo’s position on search firms?
Terumo works with a list of preferred partners when the need for a search agency arises.

Do you accept unsolicited resumes?
Terumo does not accept unsolicited resumes from search firms or agencies. All approved partners must submit candidates via the on-line recruitment page. Therefore, no agency will receive a placement fee for an unsolicited referral, even if the unsolicited referral is submitted while a valid agreement is in effect. An "unsolicited referral" will be defined as a referral which has not been authorized by the HR Department.


Recent Graduates & College Students

Does Terumo have an intern or co-op program?
At this time, Terumo does not have a formal internship or co-op program, although the company may establish a program in the future.

How do I learn about current job openings if I am a college student or recent college graduate?
College students and recent graduates should search and apply to the available job postings that fit their education and experience.

What are some tips and hints for my resume?

  • If you are a student, include both your permanent and temporary address to ensure we can contact you after graduation or during break
  • Clearly define your objectives and what type of position you are looking for
  • Include school, major, year of graduation and GPA
  • List experience related to the position for which you are applying, including start and end dates
  • List computer skills, activities and honors
  • Limit resume to one page if possible
  • Proofread and review for grammar and spelling
  • Do not include personal data such as gender, race or age
  • Submit to a specific job opening

Is there room for growth within Terumo?
Terumo is committed to offering professional growth and development opportunities to associates and promoting from within. There are no limits depending on your drive and determination.


Privacy Policy
Will the resume and applicant profile I submit be treated as private information?
Consistent with the Privacy Policy, none of the information you submit through Terumo’s Career Center will be sold to, or used by, any person or company outside Terumo and its subsidiaries. The information you provide is encrypted for your added security. Please note, we do not ask for, nor should you provide your social security number and/or date of birth when creating your profile. This information is only needed following the hire and will be collected in a separate manner.